You’re a music creator.

You want professional sounding mixes that compete with today’s commercial releases, but you need a little help getting your tracks over the finish line. We get it, we’ve been there.

What you need is someone with patience, experience, and a seasoned ear for music production to bring out the best in your music. Someone who cares about your music as much as you do.

Meet your new assistant.

Our mixing engineer Mojo has over a decade of experience producing, mixing and mastering rock & heavy rock, specializing in a modern but timeless sound.

Mojo will work with you to help your music be the best it can be, giving your music the attention it deserves. Doing whatever it takes to bring your music to the next level.

I greatly appreciate Mojo’s critical ear to help me create music that I am truly proud of.

– Troy Adams, Dig Me Under & The Answer is None

Ready to master?

Is your mix ready already? Let Mojo make it radio-ready, CD-ready, stream-worthy and sync-worthy, by  mastering it to commercial quality levels. Don’t trust your musical baby to an algorithm. Get experienced ears on it. Ask for a free sample master to get started!

Sample mixes

Free gain staging guide to help you record better!

NEW – to help you get a leg up with your recordings, we’ve written a short guide on gain staging and recording levels called “Mixing and Recording Levels Demystified” that you can get for free through our contact form below!

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