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Mojo hair

Matt Denton has been producing, creating, mixing and mastering heavy rock music for over a decade.

After an early career as a drummer, he has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles with his solo hard rock project Mojo’s Army before collaborating on the internet-based heavy metal group The Answer is None, which he mixed and co-produced.

Matt also runs a weekly Twitter chat called the DIY Music Chat under his music moniker @mojosarmy, encouraging and advising the independent music community.


As a musician and artist, I have a vision for every song I record. There’s deliberate intention behind each song’s structure, instrumentation, and tone with hope to provoke a desired feeling and connect with the listener. The production of a song can greatly enhance this. Matt is incredibly patient throughout the mastering process; he asks questions, listens, and provides feedback to make sure the end product meets the artistic vision that’s in my head. And I greatly appreciate Matt’s critical ear to help me create music that I am truly proud of.

– Troy Adams, Dig Me Under & The Answer is None

I was fortunate to have had Matt take a listen to a song that was reaching its publishing deadline. As a fundraising effort, it was going to be reviewed by several charities. In less than two days, Matt was able to center the vocals with a clean presence, removing the clutter. He was able to really bring out the piano at key moments, and the bass was no longer drowned out by drums. Currently, I have a finished product I’m proud to present to listeners and various organizations.

– Nene, 3RD Season