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Mojo’s Army releases Red Days EP!

Mojo’s Army have released the long-awaited EP “Red Days”. A six-song collection of original music that includes hard rock, punk, an acoustic ballad and a short instrumental, this is a worthy followup to She Likes Black and is already getting positive reviews from the fanbase. “Subtle, powerful and hard-hitting all at the same time!” – Broadcast Asylum…

New Ballad from Mojo’s Army – “Bittersweet”

A short, soulful acoustic guitar ballad is the latest release from Bay Area alternative metal project Mojo’s Army. Instrumental version available.

Mojo’s Army Collaboration – “Convergence”

Mojo has teamed up with guitarist Troy Jay Adams to produce the hard rocking “Convergence”. Built on the backbone of Troy’s solid riffs, Convergence marks Mojo’s first time writing with another musician. Listen now!  

Nine Inch Nails Cover Released!

June 2013: Mojo’s Army releases a surprise single, “Something I Can Never Have.” The first new song from Mojo’s Army in several months, Mojo’s emotional cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic follows a difficult period of life changes for the one-man music machine. Now back in the ring to take another swing, Mojo’s Army is getting…

She Likes Black!

November 2012: Not content with releasing two EPs and a reworked album in the same year, Mojo’s Army has released a new collection of originals, “She Likes Black”. This five song EP contains the punky title track, currently in regular rotation on, plus the saucy rocker “Bathtub”, Tool-ish “Forgive”, hard rocker “No Right”, and extended mellow…