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Cues added to Soundcloud

Feb. 2017 – In addition to examples of mix engineering, we’re adding our original instrumental cues to our Soundcloud. These are published and owned by Ragged Birds Music and are ready for sync licensing. They contain royalty-free samples from Apple and/or Beta Monkey Drums in addition to original guitar and synth sounds.

New Mixes on Soundcloud August 2016

Two new mixes are online to give you a taste of our mixing and mastering services. Raw stems provided by the respective websites, both mixed and mastered by Ragged Birds Music.    

Ragged Birds Music on Soundcloud!

As RBM continues to branch out into mixing and music production, keep track of our contest entries and catalog samples on our Soundcloud page!

Looking Ahead to 2012

Ragged Birds Music has spent much of 2011 quietly transforming from music publishing to a music production and publishing service. The transformation is not yet complete but is well under way! ALSO – look for heavy new releases from hard rockers Mojo’s Army in 2012! You can listen to works in progress at their soundcloud or on their main site!

Light My Fire

While getting tips on music production, Matt D of RBM got to play with a limited edition Gibson Dark Fire at the Berklee Music Stage at MacWorld San Francisco in January 2009! One word: sweeeeeeet.