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Mojo’s Army Collaboration – “Convergence”

Mojo has teamed up with guitarist Troy Jay Adams to produce the hard rocking “Convergence”. Built on the backbone of Troy’s solid riffs, Convergence marks Mojo’s first time writing with another musician. Listen now!  

She Likes Black!

November 2012: Not content with releasing two EPs and a reworked album in the same year, Mojo’s Army has released a new collection of originals, “She Likes Black”. This five song EP contains the punky title track, currently in regular rotation on rock365radio.com, plus the saucy rocker “Bathtub”, Tool-ish “Forgive”, hard rocker “No Right”, and extended mellow…

It’s Still Hard!

July 2012: Mojo’s Army has released a completely updated version of their 2009 debut album “It’s Hard”, remixed, reworked and remastered for 2012. “It’s Still Hard” contains the ever-popular “Thunderpussy” and “Worm-eaten Apple” plus a completely redone “Lipstick on my Whiskey”. Also includes popular covers “Little Boxes” and “The Green Manalishi”.

New Release – Summer’s End EP

The latest official release from Mojo’s Army has dropped! Their new 5-song EP “Summer’s End” is available on BandCamp. Includes the downtempo songs “The Beast” and “She”, the uptempo rockers “Summer’s End” and “Taste Your Love” plus the baseball-themed anthem “Balls in Play”.

Get Hard!

“It’s Hard”, the debut digital album from Mojo’s Army featuring their industrial cover of “Little Boxes”, is available on BandCamp! 12-song album full of heavy electric grooves and sexy lyrics. Fans of Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest and Clutch will dig this debut! “The best ‘Little Boxes’ I’ve ever heard – Tone