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Mojo’s Army releases Red Days EP!

Mojo’s Army have released the long-awaited EP “Red Days”. A six-song collection of original music that includes hard rock, punk, an acoustic ballad and a short instrumental, this is a worthy followup to She Likes Black and is already getting positive reviews from the fanbase. “Subtle, powerful and hard-hitting all at the same time!” – Broadcast Asylum…

New Ballad from Mojo’s Army – “Bittersweet”

A short, soulful acoustic guitar ballad is the latest release from Bay Area alternative metal project Mojo’s Army. Instrumental version available.

Nine Inch Nails Cover Released!

June 2013: Mojo’s Army releases a surprise single, “Something I Can Never Have.” The first new song from Mojo’s Army in several months, Mojo’s emotional cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic follows a difficult period of life changes for the one-man music machine. Now back in the ring to take another swing, Mojo’s Army is getting…